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Mint Of The Month

X Superstar


Every month we highlight a project that is currently minting.

We will create a graphic and advertise you on X. 

The X Superstar is promoted on our X page. We create in depth graphics & videos showcasing the project.

We also hand over the media to the project for their own use.

The Entertainer will sponsor every game played in discord & Twitch. we will showcase the Entertainer with a link to their discord channel.

The Exchange

We have a market within our Discord server that allows Projects to put their NFTS in allowing them to advertise their project and bring new members to their project

Central Hub

Collab Centre has a central server for all Founders & Mods to Network & Collab.

Embassy Channel

This is a channel inside the Community Discord for projects to use to advertise themselves and update the community on major annoucements


  • X Superstar

  • Entertainer

  • Mint Of The Month

  • Embassy Channel

  • Code Of Conduct

  • Collab Centre Events

  • Vetted Projects

  • The Exchange

  • Collective Twitter reach 300k+

  • Access to over 60 projects

  • Videos & Graphics for marketing

  • Advice on project

  • Central Hub for Founders & Mods 

  • Collab Managers

  • Discounts & benefits from partners

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