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Collab Centre Marbles Collection

Collection Size: 325
Blockchain: Solana

Price: 1 CC Coin

Magic Eden:


Explore the Thrill: Marbles on Stream Collection at Collab Centre! 

Dive into the world of competitive elegance with our Marbles on Stream Collection. Every week at Collab Centre, anticipation builds as marbles race in a thrilling Grand Prix – a symphony of skill and strategy.

Race to Victory: Engage in the excitement as marbles compete in multiple races, culminating in the crowning of the ultimate champion. The reward? An exclusive 1 CC Coin, your ticket to minting one of our extraordinary NFTs.

Exclusive Rewards: Elevate your digital art collection with NFTs that redefine creativity. Each marble tells a story, and you hold the brush. It's more than a collection; it's a journey of prestige and artistic wonder.

Join us in transforming marbles into a canvas of competition, camaraderie, and coveted rewards. The marble arena awaits – let the races begin!

Experience the Elegance, Race for Rewards. 


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The Synergy Series
Collection Size: 300 - Sold Out
Release Date: 10th June
Mint Price: $30 USD

Chain: Solana

Universal Utility

The CHAOS NFT has a utility of giving a 2% discount in the Exchange for holders! This adds to the ORIGIN 10% discount to make a combined total of 12% discount/cash back if you are a holder of both.

Profit Share from our claw machine coming soon..


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The Synergy Series Story

Welcome to a land of fantasy where various factions and kingdoms have been at odds with each other for as long as anyone can remember. Tensions run high and alliances are fleeting, as each group vies for power and control.

However, everything changes one fateful night when a series of portals suddenly appear throughout the land, unleashing hordes of monstrous creatures that threaten to destroy everything in their path. Despite their best efforts, the factions find themselves unable to repel the relentless onslaught of the monsters, who seem to be growing in numbers with every passing moment.

As the situation grows more dire, the factions realize that they must put their differences aside and band together if they have any hope of saving their land. With their once-bitter enemies now fighting alongside them, they launch a massive counterattack against the monsters, fighting with all their might to push them back through the portals from whence they came.

But even as the factions gain ground, they cannot shake the nagging question of why the portals keep appearing, and where the monsters are coming from. With each passing day, the stakes grow higher, and the factions must race against time to uncover the truth behind the portals and the monstrous invaders that threaten to destroy their world.

Synergy Series

ORIGIN NFT Collection - Sold Out

Collection Size: 253

Released: 12 March 2023

Price: 19.5 Matic

Chain: Polygon

Universal Utility

The ORIGIN NFT has a special utility of giving a 10% discount in the Exchange for holders where you can purchase NFTs!

Holders Benefits

10% Cash back when purchasing NFTs from the Exchange
Access to Vetted Projects
Discounts from partners
Partner Benefits

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